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Sell Your House in 7 Days or less
Ultimate Estates is a Real Estate service that helps people like yourself, Sell their house in 7 days or less, by buying it, and our company helps people in all different types of situations. We have learned from helping a lot of sellers that the sellers are usually very happy if we can get them close to what they would net if they sold their home through a realtor, and that’s exactly what we do.
We Buy and Sell Nationwide. We specialize in finding many, very attractive and creative solutions to real estate problems and needs.

No commissions

Real estate agents can add up to 7% onto any home purchase. With Ultimate Estates, you do not have to worry about this extra chunk of money, because we do not charge a commission for our services. So whether you are buying or selling, Ultimate Estates offers a great value for you.

If you are looking for that perfect new home and want to avoid paying commission to a real estate agent, look no further. Browse through our homes for sale until you find the one that is perfect for you. If you find the one you want, but are worrying about financing, we may be able to help you with that, too.
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