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If your lender's attorney is gearing up to take your home for unpaid mortgage payments, or for any other reason, or you would rather just sell your house fast, avoid bankruptcy, avoid foreclosure and have us help you avoid bankruptcy and the damage it can do to your credit, we can help. Your house doesn't have to end up at the auction block and be sold to the highest bidder. We can arrange to buy your house fast and that would allow you to stay in your house a little longer and keep the lawyers at bay. Filling bankruptcy due to financial distress to try and save your house due to a foreclosure or to keep from falling behind on mortgage payments may be avoided if you contact us now to discuss your options fast! Even if you file for bankruptcy to save your house it will only give you a little extra time before the lender files a motion for "Relief of Stay" with the court and then the lender has the right to continue foreclosure where it left of and then you could have a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on your credit. If you call us today to discuss your options you may avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure fast!

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