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After 6 months of trying to sell and countless showings our realtor couldn't find us a buyer so we called Ultimate Estates and we finally did it! They bought our house the nest day! Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to sending you business in the future!

Juan T.

 We needed to move out of state for my new career path and I didn’t have a lot of time to sell my house so I contacted Ultimate Estates because they said they can buy within 7 days. They worked with me and around my schedule. They purchased my house the same night! They did exactly what they said. Thank you Ultimate Estates!

Larry & Heather J.

 If you are looking for an easy transaction, this is the company to talk to. They handled all the paperwork and purchased my house within 3 days! Avoid the traditional selling and go direct. You won’t be disappointed! 

Jennifer D.

 I had worked with Ultimate Estates in the past to sell one of rentals in the state I live in. They were fair with me and very professional and helped me. I wanted to sell the other 2 rentals that I had left so I contacted them again and they purchased my other houses 5 days later and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Ultimate Estates!

Barry G. 

We were facing foreclosure and did't know what to do as our foreclosure auction date was approaching fast so we called Ultimate Estates to see if there was anything they could do. We told them that we wanted to be able to stay in the house if possible. They came out and went over all our options to stay first but we decided that selling would benefit us the most and was our best option so, they took care of all the paperwork and stopped the foreclosure before the auction date and did everything they promised. Thank you Ultimate Estates for helping us stop foreclosure through your foreclosure prevention center so fast.

Dave & Cindy P. 

We needed help and didn't think there was anything we could do because we had very little if any equity in our house and new that we would need to do a short sale on our house in order to sell as we were told by a few realtors that we contacted to see what our option were but it could take some time to sell because short sales take a while to get approved through a bank and that it would damage our credit but not as bad as a foreclosure would. We are so grateful that we found Ultimate Estates because they purchased our house within the 7 days that they promised and did it all without damaging our credit! in fact it increased our credit by selling to Ultimate Estates. Thank you for helping us and doing what you promised.

Amos & Celina J.