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Stop Foreclosure Fast

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Mortgage Payment Assistance

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The Three Faces of Foreclosure


Not sure quite where to start? It is helpful to understand first that there are three faces to foreclosure, each with very different characteristics.


The first face of foreclosure is “pre-foreclosure.” The pre-foreclosure period begins when a homeowner gets behind on his or her loan, and ends with the foreclosure sale. The pre-foreclosure phase itself is divided into two stages.

The first stage covers the period of time beginning when the homeowner misses his or her first mortgage payment, and ends in the final month preceding the impending foreclosure sale. During this time if a homeowner is not already marketing their home, it will be up to someone to reach out to and find these distressed homeowners before it's to late.

The second stage occurs during the final month leading up to foreclosure. The precise laws differ from state to state, but most states require some form of public notification of a pending foreclosure.

We contact distressed homeowners, and give them some quick beneficial options when their in trouble with their house. There are also opportunities to work with some of the foreclosing lenders directly (with the distressed homeowner’s approval of course), as it is in the lender’s interest to avoid costly foreclosures and stop foreclosure now.

Foreclosures may be arguably the most written about homeowner hardships. It is amazing how many distressed homeowners wait to the last minute with their properties, always thinking they would be able to bail themselves out. It is then, with little time left on the clock, that some of these distressed homeowners realize that the only viable remaining option is to contact us because we are in a position to move quickly to stop foreclosure now.

A typical foreclosure with distressed homeowner’s, is giving the distressed homeowner cash  to walk away with if they have enough equity and if they don't have equity then most of the time we are able to help the homeowner significantly, as we buy the property and keep it from going into foreclosure. The primary negative associated with dealing with a foreclosure is the taxing emotional element that can come with constantly dealing with not knowing what to do in a downward spiral. Simply put, this is why it is very important to contact us as soon as possible so that you can see all of your options to stop foreclosure now.

Many years ago we were new and excited to help homeowners that needed and wanted help. Our model was to focus on helping homeowners in foreclosure. One of the families we visited was the most likable family. The husband was a veteran, and both he and his wife lost their jobs within a short time of each other. When visiting the home we saw that they had a few kids and could see that the parents were emotionally drained and they were concerned that if we could not buy their house fast that they would have a very hard time getting another place of their own. They were extremely happy when we were able to buy their house so that they would not go into foreclosure and it would allow them to get into another home without the damage that a foreclosure would have done to their credit. This was the excitement I was hoping for by helping homeowners that were facing foreclosure, and we are excited to help you as well to stop foreclosure fast.

We Are Foreclosure Prevention Specialists, Stop Foreclosure Now!

The second face of foreclosure is the “foreclosure sale.” This occurs when the loan on the home is not brought current by the distressed seller or the house is not sold.

Again, the procedures and processes have slight differences from state to state, as the homeowner will need to educate themselves as to the foreclosure sale process in their respective state if they want to know in detail how their state will handle their foreclosure. For many states, the sale of the property takes the form of an old-fashioned auction on the courthouse steps (in several states this occurs on the first Tuesday of every month).

However, the main drawbacks are investors are often bidding on the property as the investors are trying to buy your home for next to nothing. Many states require certified funds at the auction sale or within a very short time frame (such as 24 hours). While investors can purchase your home for a bargain, we prefer to help the homeowner prevent foreclosure and from having to deal with a foreclosure as this helps the homeowner get back on their feet.

If you are facing foreclosure or you are in a house that you cannot afford to keep and want to sell, please fill out our Fast Response Form For A FREE House Evaluation to send us some basic information on your house TODAY!

The worst way to lose a home is through a foreclosure. We call foreclosure “the atomic bomb of credit scars” - it cuts the deepest and lasts the longest. When something effects your credit negatively, it lowers your credit score and the effects last for varying periods of time. Foreclosure lowers your score the most by far and for the longest period of time - up to 7 to 10 years or more.

Some distressed homeowners reach the end of their patience and decide they simply want to “walk away” from a home believing that foreclosure will be the end of their problems. The truth is that foreclosure is the beginning of a 7-10 year nightmare that can involve everything from an eviction by the sheriff, embarrassment, battling creditors for years, deficiency judgments and lawsuits, possible tax ramifications that can even lead to garnished wages, and difficulty getting credit cards, car loans, or even many types of employment for up to a decade.

So, If you are facing foreclosure and want to Stop Foreclosure Now or your in a house that you cannot afford to keep and want to sell, please fill out our Fast Response Form For A FREE House Evaluation to send us some basic information on your home TODAY! so that we can stop foreclosure now and contact you to give you all of your options for selling your house fast so you can avoid foreclosure.

We Are Foreclosure Prevention Specialists, Stop Foreclosure Now!

The third face of the foreclosure process is the “post-foreclosure.” If the property is not sold in pre-foreclosure and not purchased by an investor at the foreclosure sale, then it goes back to the bank or other lien holder who secured the loan.

When interest only, 100 percent financing, and other loans offered requiring little down payment, record numbers of properties are going through the foreclosure process. These properties eventually land on the desk of someone within a financial institution such as a bank, or mortgage company, etc., that has the responsibility of disposing of these properties. Many institutional lenders carry so many properties that they have entire departments dedicated to this task. Oftentimes, these departments are referred to as REO (real estate owned) or Post-Foreclosure Departments.


“Foreclosures” is a buzz word. It is helpful to understand from the start that there are actually three very different “faces” to the foreclosure process. Therefore, for distressed homeowners, take a look at the different things that you have to deal with when dealing with foreclosure (time, money, risk, credit, emotional element, etc.) and decide if having us help you avoid foreclosure is in your best interest as we would like to help you avoid many of the pitfalls of foreclosure and avoid foreclosure today.

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